Our Services

Beez provides leading order fulfillment and warehousing services to all sizes of industries operating in Saudi Arabia.


Beez provides leading order fulfillment and warehousing services to all sizes of industries operating in Saudi Arabia. Our order fulfillment is a logistic solution integrated into the supply chain system providing an easy-to-use platform and an established transportation network, offering efficient packaging, transportation, warehousing, reverse logistics and fulfillment services.
With the backing of our infrastructure, our partner can easily outsource its order fulfillment’s and logistics and focus on expanding its business as well as save time and cost. Whether the business is fulfilling medicines, lab specimens, frozen food or any other temperature-sensitive components, we have gotten packaging expertise, fulfillment centers, freight containers and monitoring equipment ensuring delivery of products at the right time and in the right condition.

Our Fleet

Delivery Between Cities

Supply chain, logistics and freight have been constantly facing dramatic challenges posed by transitions in economic structures, urbanization, city infrastructure and transport systems in Saudi Arabia. This has driven a great deal of research recently which led Beez to develop innovative cost-effective solutions to unlock value and achieve sustainability. Beez believes any business that aims to be spread in multi regions would require transportation vehicles to deliver its products to customers, hence, we offer a strong network of vehicles both dry and cold, making deliveries and supply for your branches and clients in other cities, easy, flexible and simple.

Dedicated Logistic Services

Beez specializes in supply chain and logistics activities along with providing value-adding services with our solutions to businesses operating in Saudi Arabia.
Logistics is a complex process and requires manpower at various levels of planning and management. We value the role played by fleet managers who are responsible for maintaining and keeping deliveries on schedule.
Depending on the nature of work, Beez will dedicate the most suitable vehicles, manpower, gears, and IT services to help grow your brand.

Last Mile Delivery

Companies are facing mobility challenges and issues and are in need of innovative logistic strategies to meet last mile deliveries of goods at a city level. Last mile delivery of goods is a difficult issue to apprehend, as it involves several levels of complexity.

In addition to the heterogeneity of the goods transported and of the means of transportation, Beez’s logistics encompass diverse and multiple supply chain members to reduce congestion and keep costs under control while maintaining and increasing the quality of service.
In parallel to the high demand of E-commerce, our last mile delivery of goods is a cost
effective way of achieving efficiency as it ensures quick and safe delivery of stock.

Supply Chain Management

Supply & Distribution

Beez supply and distribution solutions are integrated with advanced technologies allowing companies to focus on their customers and sales. We promote efficacy, effectiveness with high quality to our partners.

Supply Chain Solutions

We employ holistic approaches for supply chain services allowing business to schedule with its suppliers resulting in efficient time-phased activities, real-time visibility of all aspects of supply chain and delivers powerful optimization. Our end-to-end supply chain solutions can facilitate the process of forecasting and measuring supply and demand cycle. This will grant our partners the ability to predict future demands, find the shortest route possible, minimize costs, reduce supply chain channels timings and achieve higher profitability.

Advanced I.T Integrations

Screenshot_2019-05-13 beezlogistics

WEB portal

With the continued increase of online sales threating the traditional retail market, businesses must adapt to the evolving customer’s needs.
Beez creates a special web portal that is perfect for industries needing transportation, storage and distribution services. Our solution is compatible with the newest channels of sales, allowing our partners to face shifts of the retail markets and leads to the development of their core competencies.

Integration tools API

Our flexible, modern, and scalable integration platforms are designed to accelerate data transferring processes between Beez and its clients.
Beez IT department assures that all integration tools used are meeting the client needs and abilities.

Data Analysis and Dashboards

We compile extensive delivery heat maps to display valuable statistics and real-time data allowing businesses to make strategic actionable decisions. Our IT team will tailor the data reports provided to our partners according to their intended needs. The reports will include indicators ranging from what and where is the best seller to customer satisfaction and response. Beez is gathering a big amount of data from various sources. All clients are provided with a comprehensive dashboard which shows analyzed data. Dashboards allow the clients to monitor the process of their products in details.

Customer service

Beez proactive approach adapts to your call centre requirements accordingly delivering tailored end-to-end integrated solutions. When a business outsources their call centre service we take special care to keep customer and company data safe and assign a client specialists manager responsible for performance. No matter your business desires inbound expert or outbound calling professionals, we make sure to foster and build lasting customer relationships